Kidepo Valley National Park is away from urban centres and options for accommodation are not many. The nearest urban center with nice accommodation is hundreds of kilometres away. Book and make deposit for your accommodation in advance. Check and cross check to confirm booking for accommodation before setting off for your safari to reduce chances of unneccesary disasters. Small details like supplies at times can take more than a day to restock.

Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge is located within and is the heart of Kidepo Valley national park tourism.  Apoka Safari Lodge ranks amongst top wilderness safari camps on the African continent because of her prime location in the heart of the wilderness, quality of service, facilities and amenities available for the travelers. Apoka is a luxury facility, with beautiful ensuit nonsmoking safari tents each strategically positioned on a hill with sweeping views of adjascent plain grasslands full to the brim with all mammals and other wildlife species. The kitchen is well equipped and chef prepares continental cuisine. The nonsmoking restaurant overlooks the waterholes in the valley, giving travelers an opportunity to spot mammals trekking into the waterholes in the valley to cool off the heat of the day. The bar at Apoka Safari lodge is well stocked with all drinks; beers, beverages, wines and spirits on international market.  Read more

                                    Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp is on the edges of Kidepo Valley National Park, 3km to entry point. The camp is a private property set on a hill with majestic views of the beautiful plains in the park. The camp offers budget services with limited number of chalets, bar, lounge and restaurant. Each chalet is private, clean, spacious and comfortable. Warm showers and solar light are available in the rooms. The safari camp sits on a hill adjacent to Narus Valley with aerial advantages to watch and monitor wildlife activities in the plain grasslands. The bar is always open and stocked with beverages, beers, wines and spirits. The restaurant serves organic continental dishes. Each chalet has a balcony where travelers chill and monitor mammals in the park trekking to waterholes. Campfire is very popular to take a drink, network with other clients and cozy up while staring into the stars. There is no internet and Wifi in the safari camp. This is an ideal retreat for budget travelers seeking quiet spots away from the nosy world.

Apoka Rest Camp

Apoka Rest Camp is located within Kidepo Valley National Park is the heart of tours and safaris in the wilderness. The safari camp is hostel that offers budget accommodation in private solidwall, grassthatched bandas. Each banda has netted windows and mosquito nets on each of the two beds. Wash rooms are outside the bandas and have warm showers. The bar is stocked with beverages, beers, wines and spirits; though special orders are made for some brands. The restaurant serves nice meals and is always open. Wild animals roam the rest camp at anytime. Loud howls and roars go on uninterrupted all through the night, while lion footprints on doorsteps are a common sight in the morning. The rest camp is the best site to book ranger escorts and launch Kidepo wilderness expeditions.

Travelers with their own tents and gear can camp in the campsite close to the rest camp.

Kidepo Savanna Lodge

Kidepo Savannah Lodge is located 33km away from the tourism centre at Apoka but close to Kalokudo gate into the Kidepo Valley National Park. The premises have luxury, selfcontained tents and other tents with shared bathrooms. The tent verandas have magnificent views of sunsets beyond the Morungole Mountains and the South Sudan. The restaurant serves organic international dishes, and bar is wellstocked with many brands of drinks. Both places are open until the last customer leaves. Resident chefs are competent and the kitchen is equiped to prepare decent meals of international standards. Chilled beers and soft drinks are available while international brands of wines, spirits and gins are available at any time and served in the bar or in your tent on request all through your stay.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge is located on the outside of Kidepo Valley National Park into the communities with an extra advantage of interacting with the indigenous communities at any time. It is a perfect rendez vous to organise community interaction tours into the Karimojong herdsmen and the Ik Manyantas. Read more