Game viewing safaris

The Kidepo Valley plains are generally flat with grassland and woodland vegetation. Kidepo has unique mammal species and large herds of the more common mammal species. Early morning and sunset game viewing drives are very popular for Uganda safari into Kidepo. Game viewing drives bring travelers into close encounters with elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, giraffes, elands, zebras, hyenas, hartebeests, warthogs, waterbucks, caracals, jackals, several antelopes and other species. Kidepo is the only destination on tour of Uganda to look out for cheetahs. The Narus valley circuit is a very popular gameviewing destination for it has several oases in semi arid conditions where different mammal species trek to cool off the heat and regulate their body temperatures.

Bird Watching safaris

Kidepo Valley has unique climatic conditions and beautiful vegetation cover that is ideal habitat for different bird species. More than a dozen of half century of recorded birds of prey species in Uganda, are endemic to the Kidepo Valley region. Kidepo Valley is an Important Birding Area and the only destination on Uganda safari to spot ostrich, Varreaux’s eagle, Eghyptian vulture, Pygmy falcon and other unique bird species.

Sceneries and sightings

The Kidepo Valley has breathtaking natural land features packed to the brim with excitings sightings to see. The Kidepo Valley is covered with borassus palms scatterd in all corners. In the dry season, strikingly beautiful white sands cover the river flat beds and entice travelers to attempt romantic walks into the wilderness. The greenery of the grasslands and the wonderful sceneries of scattered acacia trees, typic savannas, assault travelers’ senses from all corners raising their adventure adrenaline beyond normal levels. All through the gameviewing drives, the travelers explore magnificent undulating landscapes in their natural settings. Lamoj hill is a popular site close to Apoka tourism centre from which to spot wildlife in the valleys before embarking on gameviewing drive or walking expedition.

Nature walks / Hiking safari

Kidepo Valley drips with beauty from all corners. Some of the attractions are better explored on walking safaris. Ranger escorts have wide knowledge of all corners in the place and overwhelming experiences. A walk to Lamoj hills and other raised grounds gives travelers aerial advantage to spot the wildlife activities in adjacent valleys and a great opportunity for wildlife photography safaris to capture postcard photographs. Travelers effectively visit and explore the Kanangorok Hotsprings on walking expedition. Nature walks through the Kidepo valley are an opportunity to explore the sandy riverbed, feel, breath, touch and discover wilderness in its natural form. Hiking and exploring the Morungole Mountains on the edges of the park, is one sure way of visiting the Ik community and sharing life experiences.

Community tourism

The indigenous people close to Kidepo have a unique lifestyle. They have lived all their lifetime sharing the same habitat with wildlife. They have strong love for their traditional lifestyle and do not easily welcome foreign influence in management of their affairs. The Karimojong are a nomadic pastoral community who treasure their livestock and keep large herds of cattle. The size of herd of cattle is a symbol of wealth and a social status. An organised Lorokul Cultural Group lives close to the park and is a sample of the larger Karimojong community. Resident guides arrange with the Karimojong leaders to tour their manyatta, homesteads and explore their lifestyle. Similar arrangement can be made to visit the Ik homestead on the edges of Morungole Mountains. The tours to cultural communities are an opportunity to listen to cultural music, songs and history, dance to their tunes, learn their methods of survival in the wilderness and life experiences.