Let us travel to and discover Kidepo Valley National Park, 1,442km2 one of largest and top Ugandan tour wildlife conservation area in Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park is located extreme northeast in a tight intersection of South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Much of Kidepo is plain grasslands basking in the shadows of the Elgon Mountains in the east. Kidepo Valley has semi arid conditions; very high temperatures reaching 400C sometimes though average 290C annualy. Unlike most regions in Uganda that have double rainfall seasons a year, Kidepo receives one season of rains mid April- early August averaging 80mm annualy. Droughts are common. These climatic conditions, combined with sandy soils result in a pleasant woodland and savanna vegetation. Two prominent seasonal rivers, Kidepo and Narus flood during rain season and instantly dry to bare white sands as the dry season sets in. The unpredicatable high temperatures and rainfall seasons are pleasant breeding conditions for insect thriving. Incidentally, Kidepo Valley was gazetted into a wildlife protection area by the British Colonial government in 1958 as a way of to evacuate the indigenous nomadic people into less Tse tse fly infested areas. Tsetse flies transmit Nagana to livestock and sleeping sickness to human beings. It was labor intensive to clear the bushes and thickets, as well as preserve the dominant beautiful flora and fauna of the area. For travelers with an urge to experience adventure, fun and relaxation in the most natural wild natural settings, Kidepo Valley National Park is a less discovered destination with unforgettable experiences.